Meet Vicki Jo

Vicki Jo on paint horse
Kiana....the inspiration for my hoof care journey!

Horses have been a life long passion but I became obsessed with hooves around 2006/2007.

I’ve always had a strong interest in hoof care, with a special draw to the idea that horses could be ridden without shoes. Unfortunately, I was very intimidated by the skills trimming required, so, when I was given an old arthritic gelding and my trusted farrier offered instruction on trimming him, I balked at the idea that I could actually do it myself. Then my beloved Paint mare, Kiana, began having hock trouble. The shoeing protocols didn’t make any sense and sent up more than a few “red flags”.

I searched my area for a natural trimmer. One name kept coming up, unfortunately, he wasn’t taking any new clients at the time.

This began my amazing journey into natural hoof and horse care.

Along the way I discovered growing healthy hooves wasn’t about having the farrier out every 6 to 8 weeks to tack on a metal shoe but entirely about a healthy diet, adequate movement over varied terrain and routine hoof care that supports and encourages growth and proper mechanics.

What started out as a search to help my own horses soon grew into a career. Not something I intended, but I feel blessed each and every day to work with these amazing animals and the people who love them.