Equine Services

Natural hoof and horse care for Lewiston and surrounding Idaho counties.

Currently serving the following counties: Nez Perce, Latah, Clearwater, Idaho, and Lewis counties, but I will travel anywhere that I am needed. (Travel fees will apply.)

Services Offered

Additionally I can assist you with rehabilitation of hoof diseases and condidtions, such as navicular syndrome, laminitis, founder, thrush, etc. as well as address dietary issues, conditions and diseases, such as Insulin Resistance, Cushings, Metabolic Syndrome, etc.

Please have your horse/horses caught and ready for work.

Vicki Jo with bay horse
Syrian Smoke's first trim. Learning it's better to stand quietly than work.
Vicki Jo with Paint horse
Josey's 3rd trim. Still learning it's better to stand quietly and allow the work to be done, than pull and fidget.
  • During the warmer months, please apply fly spray prior to beginning work and in the wet months please have the horse dry and legs cleaned. I am happy to  provide the above services for you, but appropriate fees will apply.
  • Price Range: $50.00 and up, depending on several factors – horse’s manners, how long since last trim, hoof problems and their severity, travel distance, etc. Price will be negotiated when appointment is set.
  • I am willing to work with young, nervous, inexperienced horses and owners as well as all classes of equines; horses, mules, drafts, even donkeys. Rates very depending on job at hand and temperament of horse.
  • Payment: Due upon completion of work. I accept cash and checks.I do not hold checks or accept post dated checks.
  • If payment is not received upon completion of work a billing fee will be added to bill total.

I reserve the right to cease work at any time during a trim session due to unsafe work conditions. Examples: Agitated/ornery horse, handler inadequacy, distractions (dogs or children, lawn mowers, tractors, anything that upsets the working environment) etc.

Bones of the hoof and lower leg

Understand the internal structures and you can easily provide what the horse needs.