Natural barefoot trimming, hoof and horse care based on the living conditions of wild horses, but adapted to the demands of a domestic horse.

Attention to hoof care, diet, environment and workload are all crucial to the success and performance of a barefoot horse.

Keep your horse comfortable, sound and thriving with effective barefoot trimming techniques that mimic the way free-roaming horses will naturally wear their hooves in the wild.

Currently serving Nez Perce, Latah, Clearwater, Idaho, and Lewis counties, but I will travel anywhere that I am needed. (Travel fees will apply.)


Natural hoof and horse care serving Lewiston and surrounding Idaho counties.

Meet Vicki Jo

Horses have been a life long passion but I became obsessed with hooves around 2006/2007....

Success Stories

Before and after photos of horses I have helped with natural barefoot trimming techniques.
Deciding to choose VJ's Barefoot Trimming for my 26 year old miniature horse, who had laminitis, cushings disease and arthritis turned out to be a whole new life for my girl Misty Blue! Vicki Jo's attention to her specific issues brought Misty back from what was a pretty painful existence to a much more active life. Vicki Jo recommended a product called Remission that was day and night for my mini's ailments! Improvement was seen immediately between the product and Vicki Jo's trimming skills, and 2 years later and she's more active than I ever imagined she would be again!
Sheila Pellegrini
Clovis, CA

Natural Horse Care ~ Growing Healthy Hooves…One In The Same

Horses are amazing, beautiful gifts from GOD. They require special attention and care. I strongly believe the closer we can get our domesticated equine partner’s environment and lifestyle to that of their “wild” relatives, the better we can serve them.

Horses were never meant to be confined to small enclosures....